Thursday, November 17, 2011

Karak Melay (Festivals of Karak) دا کرک میلے

There are a number of Festivals (Melay) that take place on a weekly basis having very important role in the social, economical and Cultural infrastructure of karak. All the peoples of Karak attending these festivals as an entertainment, business and cultural events which bring them together on one plate form.
 These Melay use for Public announcement (Dandora) of any Public interest and also it provide a low cost Shopping facility to the peoples of karak and neighbours that are coming for buying their daily stuff, Details of these Melay as below.

  1. Karak city mela on Sunday .
  2. Metha Khel mela on Tuesday.
  3. Ahmad Abad (Land Kamar) mela on Friday.
  4. Takht-e-Nasrati mela(Awal Mela) on Saturday.
  5. Machaki mela(Daryam Mela) Sultan Khel Banda(Bangi Killa) on Monday.
  6. Teeri mela on wednsday.
  7. Latamber mela on wednsday.
  8. Sabirabad mela on monday.

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