Friday, October 14, 2011


Until 1940, this whole area was ruled by the Teri Nawab. Teri was the capital and the only Tehsil. It had tappas (satrapies): Teri, Seni, Khurram and Barak. Between 1940 and 1982 it was a part of Kohat, after the July 1, 1982, it has been an independent district with Karak as its capital. The district is predominantly populated by Khattak tribe, one of the famous tribes of Afghan.Parachas also dwell here. There are some areas where a village size community of parachas is inhibiting in, e.g Toor Dand, Latamber, Khawaz near Niazi Stop and Garurhi near Zebi dam.

It is the enriched district of plenty 
reservoir of oil,gas, uranium and salt in country and it has important role in the country economy.Oil and Gas reservoir are located at Noshpa Banda on the Main Indus Highway and village Gurguri in the tehsil B.D. Shah. Karak is the most educated district of KPK and Pakistan as well. People of karak are serving the nation in almost all fields all over the Pakistan and abroad as well.Karak is the most peaceful area in the country. People of karak are living in the district with ethics keeping their basic traditions and customs alive. they are custodian of old traditions shifted to them from their grand-parents like Khushhal Baba and Hamza baba.

Here are three tehsils in the district which are Karak, Banda Daud Shah and Takht-e-Nasrati. District and Tehsil Headquarters of the district and Tehsil Karak are located in Karak Town. DCO look into all administration related affairs and issues of the district. District Nazim is also a main figure of the district government but when local government is active.
Karak Town is a central place for all three tehsils, because all district level headquarters of different department e.g WAPDA, judiciary, education, police and health are located here and offices of Tehsil karak are also located here.
Here are also some other small towns e.g Metha Khel, Sabirabad, Land Kamar, Rehmat Abad, Latamber,Takhte-e-Nasrati,Machikee Banda and small market like Ambiree kala and Khamedan Chock having sizable bazaars but karak bazaar is unique in the district.
District Karak is touched with District Kohat, District Hangu, District Bannu, District Lakki Marwat and District Mianwali. The site of Kala Bagh Dam is to the south of District karak.
Here is one Electoral Constituency for National Assembly and two Constituencies for Provincial Assembly: PF-40 (Karak-1) MPA Mian Nisar Gul IND-Jion ANP Now PF-41 (Karak-2) MPA Malik Qasim Khan

District Karak has the highest literacy rate after Islamabad and Wah. Since both Islamabad and Wah are mainly composed of temporarily migrated people, therefore Karak is ranked as the highest educated district.

Very hot during the summer temperature touching 45-50C and sand storms are common. However, Lakkara regions are the coolest part in summer where people use blankets at night. The best time to visit is between Nov-April with lush green fields of wheat, grams.By the reason of the Khattak nationality is very hardworker on the Government level but they have no accuracy in the job. Then they try to achieve meaningful for the area where is no wheat and other thing actlike the greencherry to the banuu stock to send many part of the in country

Diverse wild life across the district with annual hunting season of quails, cranes, black and brown pheasants. It is a well known place for hunting quails (batair) and fowl. There are game reserves used for hunting by the VIPs. One such hunting place is Darab o’ Kachch abundant in partridges and quail. Hunting is a popular pastime in the area.



  2. I love my district bcz it is known for high educated people... But there r so many problems which v ppl r facing like no job for educated ppl and deprived from other basic rights.....
    Best regards: Ilyas Khattak from karak Mirhawas banda