Monday, November 2, 2015

Malik Qasim Khan Khattak or Yazeed

Malik Qasim Khan Khattak

Village Khojaki Killa, Tehsil Takhat-i-Nasrathi,
Distt. Karak 
Off: 0927-211244 
Res: 0927-275290, 0927-275044 
Mob: 0303-6914055, 0300-5654566

No body rule the peoples of karak and never will be, but a lots of  make them fool some time on the name of nationalism and some time on the name of religion ,like karak elect MNA mufti Ajmal of Ganderi khattak, he ends up with a concrete street from main road to his home, one tube-well in his Hujra and on electric transformer, according to a quoteملّا کی دوڑ مسجد تک.
 But there is a king of Corruption  his name start with a noble prefix Malik (community elder) is actually not a malik he is the brother of Yazeed he waste the BIG amount of  money ,the fund allocated for Drinking water he distribute amongst his followers as a political bribe ,he install pressure pumps and tube –well in the Hujras of his political friends that’s why the peoples of area having no drinking water even a historical installation of tub-wells and pressure pumps in the area,
 here we are giving him the name of Yazeed because Yazeed stop the water from muslims and Qasim Malik is his follower ,

لعنت بھیج کر شیئر کریں

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


3372 Sq.Kms.
Population - 1998 430796 persons
Male 211393 (49.07 %)
Female 219403 (50.93 %)
Sex Ratio (males per 100 females) 96.3
Populaltion Density 127.8 per Sq. Km
Urban Population 27893 (6.47%)
Rural Population 402903 (93.52 %)
Average Household Size 10.0
Literacy Ratio (10 +) 41.9 %
Male 68.2 %
Female 18.1 %
Population - 1981 249681 persons
Average Annual Growth Rate (1981 - 98) 3.26 %
Total Housing Units 43170
Pacca Housing Units 20652 (47.84%)
Housing Units having Electricity 35054 (81.19 %)
Housing Units having Piped Water 9332 (21.62 %)
Housing Units using Gas for Cooking 314 (0.73 %)
Administrative Units
Tehsils 03
Union Councils 23
Mauzas 119
Municipal Committees 01